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Great! You have found us! This website is about The Suez Crisis in 1956 (Operation Musketeer) as well information about The Para’s in Cyprus in the 1950’s. We are hoping Suez 56 becomes a useful resource and a place for families and friends of ex-servicemen and women from all regiments and armed forces. We have a lot to add yet but hopefully you will enjoy your visit with what we’ve managed to put together so far. Check out “Military Mukker” below!

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Military Mucker is a forum to help find  army, navy or RAF veterans either you, or a member of your family, served with. Whether they served in the First World War, The Suez Crisis in 1956, or recent conflict zones, such as Iraq or Afganistan, we welcome everyone. The rest of our website supports information about “Operation Musketeer” and EOKA as well as being dedicated to my late father (and my late Mother ‘Gracie’),  Corporal Tony Lowe.

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Suez Crisis 1956

This website is about The Suez Crisis 1956 and is dedicated to my father Corporal Tony Lowe Corporal Lowe Suez 1956” alt=”Corporal Lowe Suez 1956″ width=”216″ height=”300″ /> and all who have served in the Armed Forces. Suez 56 offers unseen photos and content about Operation Musketeer and The Paras in the 1950’s on operations to defeat EOKA. We have also developed a forum called “Military Mucker”  to be the Drop Zone (DZ) to find long lost comrades and family members who served in Cyprus in the 50’s and The Suez Crisis and to help support Help for Heroes. Military Mucker is not exclusive to Parachute Regiment Veterans as all are welcome who are looking to find Army Veterans (any Regiment), Navy Veterans and RAF Veterans. We are also not only interested in The Suez Crisis in 1956 but also any other campaigns or operations over the last 100 years. Therefore whether a member of your family  served in recent conflict zones (or not) or you want to post a picture of your great grandad in the First World War please do get in touch. Welcome and we hope you find Suez 56 a place of interest about “Operation Musketeer” during The Suez Crisis 1956 and EOKA operations in Cyprus during the 1950’s. 

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Military Contact Forum (Military Mucker)

We,  at Suez 56, have added a forum called Military Mucker where you can share stories, submit relevant images and search/make contact with lost comrades or find information about loved ones. It doesn’t matter if the information is not directly about the Suez Crisis or EOKA operations in Cyprus during the 1950’s. We welcome all Armed Forces from any era from all army regiments, Navy and the RAF.

unknown Paras circa The Suez Crisis 1956Whether you or a family member were in the Paras in the 50’s or were a member of any armed forces, Army, Navy, Airforce in any conflict we have a forum for you to make contact or share stories with Military Mucker for Army Veteran Contacts, Navy Veteran Contacts or R.A.F Veteran Contacts.

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Advertise with Suez 56 and 50% of revenues will be passed to Help for Heroes